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IEC's English Programme For International Students:

General English Course

IEC's General English course is for students who wish to improve the 4 skills of Reading, Writing, LIstening and Speaking during a short term of 3 - 4 weeks at IEC. Classes are daily at 3hrs per day Monday to Friday and students will be taught communication skills, grammar and basic writing skills during this course.

Each student will receive a report card and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

Academic English Course

IEC's ACADEMIC COURSE is targeted for students who wish to further their studies in the English medium. At IEC, we will assess the student's level of English by means of a written test or a previous IELTS / PTE score and fit them into the level accordingly. Classes are 5hrs daily Monday to Friday and a minimum of 4 weeks to maximum of 20 weeks duration.

Each student will receive a report card and a Certificate of Completion at the end of their course. They will also be registered for their IELTS or PTE Academic test should they wish to take the exam in Kota Kinabalu.


What you will learn:(For Students 13-17 Years Old)

  • How to develop fluent English proficiency in the 4 skills of Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking.
  • How to Prepare and Excel in your IELTS or PTE Academic Exams.
  • The IEC Amazing Race enables students to learn about learning through teamwork, leadership and communication skills in English.


Timetable 2018

General English Course: 9:30am-12:30pm (Monday - Friday 3hrs per day)
Academic English Course 9:30am-12:30pm, 2pm-4pm (Monday - Friday 5hrs per day)
​Tuition Fee Rates (per student) and IELTS /PTE entry level:

General English Fees

Monday - Friday 9:30am - 12:30pm (3hrs per day)

    • 3 weeks (45hrs) US$600.00
    • 6 weeks (90hrs) US$1050.00
    • 9 weeks (120hrs) US$1400.00

Academic English Fees

Monday - Friday 9:30am - 12:30pm, 2-4pm (5hrs per day)

  • 4 weeks (100hrs)USD$1300 IELTS 5.5 / PTE 42
  • 8 weeks (200hrs)USD$2300 IELTS 5.0/PTE 36
  • 12 weeks (300hrs)USD$3200 IELTS 4.5 / PTE 29
  • 16 weeks (400hrs)USD$3600 IELTS 4.0 / PTE 25
  • 20 weeks (500hrs)USD$4200 IELTS 3.5 / PTE 20

IELTS / PTE Entry Level: Students will be tested either upon arrival or prior to arrival on the number of weeks of English they will need in order to achieve the required grade.
A Class Size: An average of 8 - 12 per class.
*Student Visa* IEC is an approved international student visa centre and will be able to apply for student visas for international students.
There are also optional excursions students may embark on during the weekends. Here are some options:

Firefly Day Tour  US$120 per person
Mari Mari Culture Village Day tour  US$85 per person
Tip of Borneo Tour US$160 per person
Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring  US$120 per person
Tambunan with Rafflesia & Rainforest US$120 per person

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