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English Centre

Tammy Tsok
Every Saturday, I come to IEC. We learn how to speak English and teacher say it is a piece of cake. We learn idioms, future tense, spelling and others. We also play some interesting games. I am happy that I am in IEC. We have a lot of friends. On the last week, we have a party and we bring drinks and foods, we also watch a movie.
Tammy Tsok English Language Level 6

English Centre

Chloe Destiny
Every Saturday at 9.00am, I come to IEC to learn English and study. I learn about English Language, doing worksheets, writing, spelling, and doing sentences. Sometimes, we learn drawing, playing games and much more fun stuff, and we have a fun party and watch movie. We have a break time at 10.30am, I must speak to teacher politely and must speak English to teacher. I love IEC very much!
Chloe Destiny English Language Level 6

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IEC is an English Centre and Further Studies consultancy offering English language courses to students of all ages and providing application, career guidance and visa processing services for students wishing to further studies. IEC now also runs a dance studio open for rent for all types of dance.

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