There was a key missing in my pocket, which I needed. It was a key that I truly had problem looking for and it was essential, in order for me to open the door into the first steps of the real world.
I just couldn’t find it, but soon after my father and I roamed around looking for educational help, we met IEC! But the problem was, I only had one information for them “I want to go to America”, but it was all they needed. IEC helped us with almost everything, from where is the perfect place for to how I can utilised the key that I’ve got hold of.
I happy to join Rider University, New Jersey, USA! It basically is the most phenomenal, friendly and awesome place to be! I’m looking forward to my classes to start and show America, what I can do.

~Akshay Soundararajan
Rider University, New Jersey, USA
Intake: Jan’16

I approached to IEC ( Inter Education Consult Sdn. Bhd. ) to seek for help with my overseas study application. IEC helped me by their efficient services through the entire process and I am satisfied with the great result. One thing I liked was their efficiency. IEC managed to accomplish my application to overseas university in a short period with great attitude. Beside, I found the experience was excellent of taking PTE test which suggested by IEC. It was way more convenience and transcript coming out was rapid. I would definitely recommend IEC and PTE test to my friends or any else who need help as I did.

~Lucas Loo
RMIT, Melbourne
Intake: July 2015

Getting into university isn’t easy. Aside from the difficult choices of what and where to study, you also face various procedures involving many parties. This is especially daunting for inexperienced youths fresh out of secondary school. Fortunately, I had IEC to help me all the way. From choosing a university to applying for a student visa, Jasmine and her team ensured that my university entrance experience was as smooth, painless and fast as possible. In fact, my undergraduate application was handled so well that I returned to IEC 3 years later for my postgraduate application! They set the benchmark in the field of higher education consultancy, so there’s no better place to head to for all your education needs and enquiries.

~Adam Chin
QUT, Brisbane Australia
Intake: July 2015

Hey! I'm David and I'm currently in International College Wales Swansea( ICWS ) for my foundation in Business. I've chosen IEC to be my Education Advisor and it turn out to be the right choice. The service and advises was superb. All the best. Ciao.

~David Tang
Navitas ICWS Swansea University UK
Intake: May’15

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IEC is an English Centre and Further Studies consultancy offering English language courses to students of all ages and providing application, career guidance and visa processing services for students wishing to further studies. IEC now also runs a dance studio open for rent for all types of dance.

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