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Information for September 2018 Enrolment


Greetings from the University of Winchester!

Ahead of our 2018 enrolment we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners for their hard work this year on our behalf. Our 2017 enrolment will be the largest in the history of the University both overall (UK/EU/International students) but also for International students as well so on behalf of the University, many thanks for helping us to make that happen!

We will open our 2018 recruitment in the first week of October so applications will be processed from then (students can apply from now onwards if they would like).

2018 promises to be an exciting year for us with a large number of new courses, our new £30m building, a huge rebranding exercise, new website and also our nomination for University of the University of the Year. Details on all of those as well as a summary list of our courses running for 2018 and other key changes are all listed below to give you the most up to date information possible at the start of this new application cycle.

We look forward to working closely with you all again and if you have any questions about anything below or indeed anything else now or throughout the year, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your main contact at the University whose details are at the bottom of this email.


September 2018 Entry Courses


Below is a full list of our courses running for 2018 enrolment. Each name of a course below is a link to that course and the course page so please click on it to find out more. Courses in red are either new for 2018 or have had a name change or course structure change for this year. If you have any questions on any of these courses, please contact us.


o    Accounting and Finance,BA (Hons)

o    Accounting and Finance,MAcc (Hons)

o    Accounting and Management,BA (Hons)

o    Accounting and Management,MAcc (Hons)

o    American Studies and History with options to Study Abroad,BA (Hons)

o    American Studies and Politics with options to Study Abroad,BA (Hons)

o    American Studies with options to Study Abroad,BA (Hons)

o    Ancient, Classical and Medieval Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Animal Welfare and Society,BA (Hons)

o    Anthropology,BA (Hons)

o    Archaeological Practice,BSc (Hons)

o    Archaeological Practice with Professional Placement,BSc (Hons)

o    Archaeology,BA (Hons)

o    Archaeology,BSc (Hons)

o    Broadcast Television and Media Production,BA (Hons)

o    Business Management (top up),BA (Hons)

o    Business Management and Leadership,BA (Hons)

o    Business Management,BA (Hons)

o    Business Management for Information Technology,BA (Hons)

o    Business Management for Information Technology,FdA

o    Business Management with Enterprise and Innovation,BA (Hons)

o    Certificate in English for International Students

o    Childhood Studies (top-up),BA (Hons)

o    Childhood Youth and Community Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Choreography and Dance,BA (Hons)

o    Classical Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Comedy: Performance and Production,BA (Hons)

o    Computer Aided Design,BSc (Hons)

o    Computer Aided Design: Exhibition Design,BSc (Hons)

o    Computer Aided Design: Product and Packaging Design,BSc (Hons)

o    Computer Aided Design: Spatial Design (Interior and Landscape),BSc (Hons)

o    Computer Aided Design: User Centred Design,BSc (Hons)

o    Creative and Professional Writing,BA (Hons)

o    Creative Production,BA (Hons)

o    Creative Screen Production,BA (Hons)

o    Creative Writing and Drama,BA (Hons)

o    Creative Writing and English Language Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Creative Writing and English Literature,BA (Hons)

o    Creative Writing,BA (Hons)

o    Creative Writing with English Language Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Criminology and Sociology,BA (Hons)

o    Criminology,BA (Hons)

o    Dance Performance: Young People,BA (Hons)

o    Digital Media Design,BA (Hons)

o    Digital Media Design: 3D Visualisation,BA (Hons)

o    Digital Media Development,BSc (Hons)

o    Digital Media Development: 3D Environments (Game and Heritage),BSc (Hons)

o    Drama and English Literature,BA (Hons)

o    Drama and Performing Arts,BA (Hons)

o    Drama,BA (Hons)

o    Drama with Creative Writing,BA (Hons)

o    Economics and Finance,BSc (Hons)

o    Economics,BSc (Hons)

o    Education Studies (Early Childhood),BA (Hons)

o    Education Studies (Special and Inclusive Education),BA (Hons)

o    Education Studies and Drama,BA (Hons)

o    Education Studies and English Literature,BA (Hons)

o    Education Studies and History,BA (Hons)

o    Education Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Education, Youth and Community Studies,BA (Hons)

o    English Language Studies,BA (Hons)

o    English Language Studies with Creative Writing,BA (Hons)

o    English Linguistics (with optional sandwich year),BSc (Hons)

o    English Linguistics with Forensic Linguistics (with optional sandwich year),BSc (Hons)

o    English Literature and Film,BA (Hons)

o    English Literature and History,BA (Hons)

o    English Literature,BA (Hons)

o    English Literature with Creative Writing,BA (Hons)

o    English Literature with English Language,BA (Hons)

o    English with American Literature,BA (Hons)

o    Event Management,BA (Hons)

o    Fashion Marketing and Media,BA (Hons)

o    Film and American Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Film Production,BA (Hons)

o    Film Studies and Production,BA (Hons)

o    Film Studies and Screenwriting,BA (Hons)

o    Film Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Forensic Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Geography,BSc (Hons)

o    Global History and Politics,BA (Hons)

o    Health, Community and Social Care Studies,BSc (Hons)

o    History and Archaeology,BA (Hons)

o    History and the Medieval World,BA (Hons)

o    History and the Modern World,BA (Hons)

o    History,BA (Hons)

o    Journalism,BA (Hons)

o    Law and Business Management,BA (Hons)

o    Law,LLB (Hons)

o    Marketing,BA (Hons)

o    Mathematics and Finance,BSc (Hons)

o    Mathematics,BSc (Hons)

o    Media and Audio Communication,BA (Hons)

o    Media and Communication,BA (Hons)

o    Media, Communication and Advertising,BA (Hons)

o    Media, Communication and Journalism,BA (Hons)

o    Media, Communication and Social Media,BA (Hons)

o    Modern Liberal Arts (Philosophy),BA (Hons)

o    Music and Sound Production,BA (Hons)

o    Musical Theatre,BA (Hons)

o    Performing Arts,BA (Hons)

o    Philosophy, Politics and Economics,BA (Hons)

o    Philosophy, Religion and Ethics,BA (Hons)

o    Physiotherapy,BSc (Hons)

o    Policing & Criminal Investigation,BSc (Hons)

o    Politics and Global Studies,BA (Hons)

o    Primary Education with Recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (3 years),BEd (Hons)

o    Primary Education with Recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (4 years),BEd (Hons)

o    Primary Education with Recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (4 years),MEd (Hons)

o    Psychological Science,BSc (Hons)

o    Psychology and Child Development,BSc (Hons)

o    Psychology and Cognition,BSc (Hons)

o    Psychology and Criminology,BA (Hons)

o    Psychology,BSc (Hons)

o    Social Psychology,BSc (Hons)



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