Level 1 – Beginners
Students at this level are total Beginners who would like to improve their speaking, listening and comprehension skills. The teacher will focus on conversational skills as well as basic grammar and reading skills.

Level 2 –Elementary
Students at this level should already have a basic understanding of the English language and can speak and understand simple conversation. The teacher will focus on building the vocabulary and correcting grammar at this level.

Level 3 – Pre-Intermediate
Students at this level should know the basics of grammar, and have a sound grounding of listening and speaking skills. They should have a minimum PMR grade C to enter at this level. The teacher will focus on building grammar, vocabulary and writing skills, including simple business letters and formalities.

Level 4 – Intermediate
Students at this level have basic writing, listening, oral and comprehension skills. They should have completed secondary school and are looking at improving their writing, speaking and grammar/vocabulary. The teacher will focus on English used for business purposes and conversations with English-speaking clients.


Communication & Business English for Companies

IEC also conduct special tailor-made courses for companies who wish to improve their staff level of English proficiency.

Duration: 40hours per level @ 2 hours per session
Tuition Fee: to be determined
Venue: IEC or your office premises.

For a customized quotation, please contact IEC 088 212939 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mr. Chou:  “I come from Taiwan. My Taipei head office transferred me to the KK office. I have two daughters. They are also studying English at IEC. Because I can see that they have made very big progress in English, I encouraged myself to attend the Adult Course to improve my English especially in speaking and writing.”




About IEC

IEC is an English Centre and Further Studies consultancy offering English language courses to students of all ages and providing application, career guidance and visa processing services for students wishing to further studies. IEC now also runs a dance studio open for rent for all types of dance.

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