Yi Suen
B.H.M.S, Switzerland
August Intake

Hi there, this is Yi Suen and I am currently in Switzerland for my bachelor’s degree in Global Management. I enrolled in B.H.M.S in August 2019 and just started my internship program in Interlaken.

IEC had been great with helping me enroll to B.H.M.S, they were always eager to have me over if I had any questions, aided me in all the documentation I needed for studying in Switzerland and also checking up on how I was doing when I started studying there.

I am truly thankful to the staff at IEC for their services throughout this whole process, their professionalism and friendliness is much appreciated.


Julia Poyong
University of Law, London UK
September Intake

Working together with IEC in regards to my further education was the best choice that I have made. Not only were they attentive and diligent, they also cared about my choices. A special thank you goes to Jasmine and Susan as they always made sure that I understood my choices and guided me without hesitations.

Throughout our journey together as a team, they have represented me well to my current university which is the University of Law, London Bloomsbury before I even attended my school. Without them, I would have been absolutely lost in the process of applying and accepting an offer from a university overseas as it is my first time doing so. I am thankful and grateful that they have helped me throughout the journey of launching my education and starting again as a student. Thank you IEC!


Annise Siaw
Teesside University, UK
January Intake

Hello! I’m Annise. A really big thank you to IEC for making my university admission as smooth as possible and for answering and dealing with all my enquiries. I’m settling well in the UK and I’m really happy that IEC recommended Teesside University!

I’m grateful for the prompt and helpful service IEC provides. I would definitely recommend IEC if you want to apply for universities abroad.


Kwong Yen Dein
ISC Leeds,UK
January Intake

Overall, IEC provide very good service. Staff has been very patient and recommended various options and provide positive feedback. IEC also regularly provide update on upcoming events and also help to arrange meeting with college representative. A recommended agent for those parents wanted to send their children oversea.


Evaleez Voo
UNSW, Sydney Australia
February Intake

I always knew I wanted to go overseas for my tertiary education but I never knew the exact procedures on how to get there. Fortunately, I came across IEC through a good friend of mine a few years ago during my A Levels. My agent, Susan, has been a tremendous help from applying for IELTS to accepting my university offer.

She was also very patient with all the changes I made throughout the application period. With IEC, I was able to get into a prestigious university like UNSW and study the degree that I love.


Amos Rayner Molikun
MIT Foundation, Perth Australia
February Intake

Hi! This is Amos Rayner Molikun. Landed in Perth on 17 February 2020, the start of my journey to pursue my dream. Today, 18 February 2020, my brother and I, went on a tour of the Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) and Murdoch University Campus, Western Australia.

MIT will be my new “classroom” for 3 Trimesters of the Murdoch University Preparation Course. My sincere thanks to IEC for having made this possible by securing a place for me at MIT together with an AUD 4000.00 scholarship “in tow”!

With “Intent”, “Efficient” and “Consistent” from IEC, I arrived in Perth to be on time for my Orientation! Special thanks to Jasmine and Samantha, for guiding me and my parents to secure a place at MIT and for getting my Student Visa approved. All arranged by IEC! CHEERS! To All at IEC! GOOD DAY!


Danial Lau
Trinity College, Melbourne Australia
February Intake

It has always been a dream for me to pursue my further education abroad. IEC has provided valuable assistance in a range of affairs, from college Enrolment, Visa Application and Accommodation until my arrival at Trinity College.

In addition, they provide support even after office hours, something most will really appreciate. Thanks to Jasmine's Team at IEC for their knowledgable, professional, efficient and personalized service, it has played a very important role in bringing those dreams closer, otherwise a reality!

I will definitely recommend IEC to my friends who wish to pursue their studies overseas!


Darien Monoin
Swansea College
September Intake

Darien settling in very well @ Swansea.

He loves it there.. the campus, weather and the beach!

Perfect he said. Thank you IEC for the counsels


JMC Academy, Melbourne
February Intake

Applying to JMC was hassle free through IEC, Jasmine and her team arranged from consultation, interviews to visa application with great execellence.

The overseas study experience at JMC Melbourne was phenomenal, top notch studios, facilities and experienced lecturers gave me much valuable exposure about the world's audio & music industry.

I even collaborated with students of other studies in just the 1st semester and thereafter! What a fulfilling time as I graduated with high distinction. It was worth all the time, money and effort. Thank you Jasmine, team and JMC Melbourne Campus!


Brandon Kok
Bellerbys College, Brighton
September Intake

When it comes to deciding on where to put your children to further study, there are loads of information out there that talk about what courses are being offered and how good a college or university is, but to go through all the information is impossible and understanding what is suitable for your children is tough.
After listening to my need, Jasmine has giving me a short list of courses that best suit my son while describing the pros and cons on each of ther options available. This has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to make the decision with piece of mind.

She also helped us with the application and guide us through the tedious process until my son landed in front of the college. Her professionalism and dedication is much appreciated.


BAC, A-levels Law,
July Intake

Hi my name is Jeremia, I'm currently doing my A-levels at BAC. Being from East Malaysia its a lot harder for students to enroll or really get to compare colleges and universities as they're mostly situated in West Malaysia, information that isn't available online will either lad to us having to make a trip down there or personally ask each one of the schools.

IEC helped me tremendously when I decided which course I wanted to take, they basically laid down all the choice I had and were eager to answer any questions about the schools as they recommended. The enrollment process and arrangements was smoothly handled by the IEC team. I've recommended friends to IEC as they are simply really good at what they do. I'd like to thank the staff for their guidance and making this journey possible.

The enrollment process and arrangements was smoothly handled by the IEC team. I've recommended friends to IEC as they are simply really good at what they do. I'd like to thank the staff for their guidance and making this journey possible.

philbert pang

Philbert Pang
International College Wales Swansea,
September Intake

Halo!I'm Philbert and I'm currently in ICWS for my foundation in Engineering. I'm a September 2017 intake student and I've chosesn IEC as my education advisor.

It turns out to be the best choice because the staffs are very friendly and they gave me a lot of advices which is the most suitable for me. Therefore, I will definitely recommend IEC to all my friends. Thank you so much for everything!


Awang Sahari
LLM in International Business Law Anglis Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK
October Intake

I would like to thank IEC, especially Miss Jasmine and Samantha for guiding me through this whole process. I would not be standing here as a Masters graduate without their help and patience.

I started with the Pre-Masters at Anglia Ruskin College and now am a graduate with a Masters degree! It has been a very rewarding journey! Thank you again IEC for making my dreams come true!

lim shu yi

Lim Shu Yi
Bellerbys College, Brighton,
September Intake

Lim Shu Yi here. I'm currently studyinh in Bellerbys College, Brighton. I've settled here now, started my class and make lots of new friends from different countries.

I really need to thank IEC for this. I was confused at first, didn't know what programme and school shall I go to.

Jasmine introduced many different programmes for me, and at last I found A-level is the programme most suitable for me. The IEC staffs are easy to approach and very friendly. :)

mayvis lee

Mayvis Lee
BHMS Switzerland,
August Intake

I got to know BHMS Switzerland from IEC. They were information about the school and were prompt in their service. I am grateful for their helpfulness and now I am here in this beautiful country, Switzerland.

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